Jerome "Jerry 2.0" Henry

With 15 + combined years of consultative sales management, technical resolution, and digital advertising expertise, Jerome Henry, affectionately known as “Jerry2.0” to those in contact with him poses extraordinary decision-making, leadership and people skills. His experiences have shaped him into a persuasive negotiator with a solid grasp of business operations – a truly resourceful leader, with a high-energy entrepreneurial spirit for solving complex issues and passion for hard work. Simply put, Jerry ’brings it’ daily! His passion for management and leadership carried over from the playing field to aspirations of running his own business. Within a few years of successfully launching his first management/consulting firm, Jerry sharpened his product development and negotiation skills by solidifying recording, publishing and licensing deals with the likes of Dreamworks, Noontime Inc., EMI Music Publishing, Lionsgate, Disney (ABC, Hollywood Records) and many more. He even spent a few years developing music production software with industry giants, Big Fish Audio. A shining example of constructing teams and monetizing thought processes. After seeing projections for multi-billion dollar growth in the marketing/advertising space, Jerry quickly adopted a new career path serving a 5yr. tour of duty at Yahoo! in the sales org before venturing into the ad-tech start-up world over the last 4 yrs. In this transformational phase, Jerry has designed performance marketing and social media monitoring strategies (inception to flight) for some of the biggest internet retail brands (Speedo, Oakley, Ray Ban, Mrs Fields, Coffee Bean, Harpers Bazaar, Tory Birch, DropCam, Car Fax, Papa John’s, SkyZone, Greystar, FindLaw, Freeway Insurance & many more) to deliver on every value propositions while hitting each client’s target objectives & driving incremental value to their marketingmix – taking these brands from POCs & test budget IOs to mature marketing spend. As Facepop Co-Founder and operational strategist, Jerry lends his analytic, creative, and operational talents as one of the visionaries overseeing and cultivating the company’s brand development, strategic alliances, partnerships, and overall market positioning. Now, with the business savvy of a seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Henry has set his sights on making The Facepop Company a globally recognized symbol of excellence and achievement in the ever- expanding world of mobile messaging and digital media.