Jason "Superkidd" Henry

Jason “Superkidd” Henry is the youngest son in a family of musicians. With all three of his older brothers in the music business, he was lovingly guided and inspired in an artistic direction throughout his childhood. “When I was about ten, I used to travel with my brothers to the studio and watch other producers get down on their equipment”, he fondly remembers, “Many nights for me were spent at some of your greatest studios like Enterprise, Larrabee, and Pacifique.”
Hailing from Los Angeles, the 30-year-old admits that today’s music production, often sample-driven, leaves something to be desired. Superkidd is inspired by heavyweight drum programmers like Timbaland and Ricc Rude who stay creative with their percussive patterns and punchy drums.
True to his word, Superkidd consistently composes music centered on hard-hitting drums while developing his skills as the complete producer. “It’s funny because my brothers used to get mad at me because they would hear me making something hot and they would ask what happened to it. I would tell them that I just erased the beat because I didn’t know how to save my files. All I knew how to do was press the buttons” Superkidd playfully remembers. “Now they make me takes notes when I’m in the studio”.
With a desire to crank out hits and make his mark in the world of music and entertainment, Superkidd began to study every detail in the production process. Under the strict tutelage of his older brother, Michael “BABY BOY” Henry, Superkidd’s big break came in 2005, as he co-produced a record for the Coach Carter movie with his older brother and production partner. The following year was met with more success as Superkidd co-produced two of four records with BABY BOY, “Crush” and “Ego” for the BoyzIIMen LP, The Remedy, released in Japan. In 2008, the duo scored the first single on Lloyd’s Lessons in Love entitled “How We Do It” featuring Ludacris. “I always wanted to know what it felt like to hear our own music on the radio for the first time or see my name on the billboard charts like I had heard so many artist describe in the past,” adds Superkidd, “well, I did and it felt like I was dreaming.” Most importantly I know we are blessed by God and our success is in His hands.
Always focused on the future and success that lays directly on the horizon, Superkidd has continued to refine himself and is on the grind to help push eCITY to its pinnacle. Now armed with his Bachelor of Science in Business with a Certificate in Marketing  (magna cum laude graduate honors) and a decade of tenure at SAG-AFTRA, he’s cultivated his skill sets once more, bringing a new PR lens to the electric CITY table. With his unmatched hustle, Jason is helping to drive the electric CITY brand initiatives forward for many years to come.