Howard "H Class" Henry

If there’s one thing H CLASS, born Howard Henry, has learned to do in his lengthy singing career, it’s to shine on his own. Formerly a member a four-man group signed to Dreamworks Records back in the day, he’s no stranger to the music business. “I’ve traveled, performed on big stages and recorded with the biggest platinum producers in the music industry today,” he says. “It’s allowed me to develop the persona and mystery that comes with being an entertainer.”

Born in Belize City, Belize and raised in Los Angeles, H CLASS recalls listening to the soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston as a kid. H. is grateful for his experiences as a member of the group. He says it’s prepared him for the solo journey he’s embarking on now. “The transition from being in a group to a solo recording artist or even as an entrepreneur is not very difficult,” he shrugs. “As a soloist, you have to allow the public to be personal with you because it’s only you. You can’t hide behind the scenes and get over on someone else’s talent.” Not that H CLASS was ever content to do so. Ever since he was a kid, jamming to his father’s records around the house, he knew he wanted to be a singer. Having survived adversity and the highs and lows of the music business, he’s anxious to see this journey continue to unfold into reality.

We’ve continually tried to adjust the lens and shift the focus a bit to be more well-rounded as a company helping the company survive as times change. Howard’s main focus as of late has been in helping to build the real estate and investment aspects of what electric CITY has always envisioned to be in place. Everybody’s taking their respective seats at the helm with an understanding that it’s time to go on another run with the question “what are you bringing to the table from your life experiences and hustles so we can stay true to what we said we’re gonna do?” at hand.

Armed with a new vision and talent as endless as his adulation with music, H CLASS been taking the next steps to build the best life possible. “I want to work harder to prove not only to myself, but to everybody who had the slightest doubt that I can do this,” he says, “I can do it in my sleep.”